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Venturing Awards:

  • The requirements for the Venturing Award must be completed before starting on the requirements for the Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards.
  • Unless otherwise stated, requirements for the Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards and other Venturing recognitions may be completed at any time after joining a crew.
  • BSA training courses specified in the Venturing requirements (NYLT, etc.) may be taken either while a Venturer or while a registered member of another BSA program (Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Sea Scouting).
  • Third-party trainings/certifications (such as Red Cross first aid training) earned while a registered member of another BSA program may be used to satisfy Venturing requirements so long as the training/certification is current at the time of applying it to the Venturing requirements.
  • Activities completed to satisfy the requirements of the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, or Summit Awards may be also used to satisfy the requirements of the TRUST, Ranger, and Quest Awards.
  • The capstone service project designed and led by Summit Award candidates must be a different service project than one carried out for the Eagle Scout Award, the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award, or the Girl Scout Gold Award.


Boy Scout Ranks and Venturing:

  • Venturers who earned First Class rank as registered Boy Scouts or Varsity Scouts are qualified until their 18th birthday to continue with Boy Scout advancement through Venturing.



Many questions you may have asked are also addressed in the Venturing FAQs.

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