Looking to Start a VOA?

Venturing Officers’ Associations (VOA) provide opportunities for adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service (A-L-P-S). By doing so, they serve to model best practices in programming for local crews and to provide a program resource for Venturers and Advisors throughout the VOA’s area of operation.


Councils that do not have a VOA are often missing out on the youth-led events, trainings, and forums that a VOA can offer. Not only do they give the youth a voice and provide leadership opportunities, they can strengthen and grow your council's Venturing program!


A team of Venturing officers and advisors have created the VOA Administration Guide, which will serve as your initial resource while starting a brand-new VOA. The guide includes best practices, suggestions, and organizational concepts to help you get the VOA off the ground!


In order to help provide some guidance for the organization of VOAs, the National Venturing Officers' Association has created standards for operating a VOA at the national, regional, and area levels. These standards, known as the National Venturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), can serve as a great tool for your Council VOA.


If you have questions about the National Standard Operating Procedures, reach out your respective officers!





VenturingFest 2018

As you may know, VenturingFest 2018 will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 1st-6th, 2018 to celebrate Venturing’s 20th birthday! Join us for quick access to the latest activities at the Summit, social events with Venturers from across the nation, an incredible birthday celebration, and the opportunity of a lifetime!