Meet Your Officers

The National VOA (NVOA) consists of our National Venturing President, National Venturing Vice President, four Regional Venturing Presidents, and their respective advisors. Please take a look at this map to determine which region you belong to!


From left: Erik Saderholm, Michelle Merritt, Pratik Vaidya, Chris Mausshardt, and Lydia Borah

VenturingFest 2018

As you may know, VenturingFest 2018 will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 1st-6th, 2018 to celebrate Venturing’s 20th birthday! Join us for quick access to the latest activities at the Summit, social events with Venturers from across the nation, an incredible birthday celebration, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

National Venturing President

Pratik Vaidya (Email)


Advisor: Kris Zahrobsky (Email)

Staff: Jessica Janscha (Email)

National Venturing VP

Michelle Merritt (Email)


Advisor: Kris Zahrobsky (Email)

Staff: Jessica Janscha (Email)

Central Region President

Chris Mausshardt (Email)


CR Venturing Website

Advisor: Jeff Geralds (Email)

Southern Region President

Lydia Borah (Email)


SR Venturing Website

Advisor: Jenn Hancock (Email)

Western Region President

Katie Schneider (Email)


WR Venturing Website

Advisor: David Wilson (Email)