VenturingFest 2018

As you may know, VenturingFest 2018 will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 1st-6th, 2018 to celebrate Venturing’s 20th birthday! Join us for quick access to the latest activities at the Summit, social events with Venturers from across the nation, an incredible birthday celebration, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

National Committee

Key 3

Michelle Merritt

National Venturing President 17-18

Jack Furst



Kris Zahrobsky

Vice Chair

National Advisor

Owen McCulloch

Staff Advisor

National Director


National Venturing Officers' Association

Cathie Seebauer

Ripley Price

Robbie DiBiagio

Jessica Kent

David Wilson

Savannah McMillan

Jennifer Hancock

Dominic Wolters

Jeff Geralds

Relationships - Jillian Infusino

Scott McKenzie

Michelle Merritt

Jillian Infusino

Catherine Colletti

Emily Mausshardt

Jennifer Hancock

David Wilson

Forrest Gertin

Charlie Wurster

Strategic Planning & Pilots - Andrew Miller

Keith Gehlhausen

Ken King

Jacquelyn Core

Nathan Williams

Erik Saderholm

Nate Steele

Administration & Program - Ken King

Dan Carriveau

Jennifer Hancock

Sarah Mittrucker

Robbie DiBiagio



Communication - Katlin Adams

Cathie Seebauer

Chris Mausshardt

Jared Thompson

Members at Large

Pratik Vaidya

Christine Luczka

Charles Walneck

Larry Call

Jim Virgin

VenturingFest - Jennifer Hancock

Rick Kagawa

Jim Lynch

Kris Zahrobsky

Membership Growth & Retention - Ken Bower

Steven Smith