VenturingFest 2018

As you may know, VenturingFest 2018 will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 1st-6th, 2018 to celebrate Venturing’s 20th birthday! Join us for quick access to the latest activities at the Summit, social events with Venturers from across the nation, an incredible birthday celebration, and the opportunity of a lifetime!


There has been a call from the field for the Venturing program to provide some structure and directives for the organization of Venturing Officer Associations at all levels. The National Venturing Youth Cabinet is now supported by the Program Impact department and the Youth Development team. In concert with providing leadership to this youth group across all four regions we led a process through the National Venturing Youth cabinet to create a minimum set of standards for operating as a Venturing Officers Association (VOA), resulting in the National Venturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).


Below are the NEWLY created National Venturing Operating Procedures which include the following:

  • Mission of the National Venturing Cabinet, region, area, council and district Venturing Officer Association's (VOA's)
  • Selection process for youth President at the national, region, area, council and district tiers
  • Appointment process for youth Vice Presidents at the national, region, area, council and district tiers
  • Organizational diagrams of the structure of positions and functions for regions/areas and councils/districts
  • Job Profiles for each position both youth officers and adult advisors
  • Glossary of terms describing the process, positions and key terms


It is important for councils to note that these are minimum standards of recommendation and councils may add to these making them functional for your service demographics and directives as determined by the council approved leadership charged with this task both from a volunteer and professional perspective. We do request that adjustments to these SOP's by local councils be submitted through the Program team so we can establish a library of practices being used in local council operation. These can be submitted through the email of


We stand ready to support and service you and your local council as you implement this process for the first time or fine tune it for those who are already conducting your operation in a similar manner. Please utilize the youth leadership on an area and region level to assist in the organization of VOA's. Their contact information can be provided by contacting the Program team at