Start a Crew

Have an idea for a brand new crew? There aren't any crews close to you? Not finding what you want? Organizing a Venturing crew is easy to do! Just follow these steps:


Step 1- Get Your Minimums

  • A crew needs at least 5 primarily registered yout h members with common interests.
    • If you have less than 5 primarily registered youth in the crew, the council Scout Executive must also approve the unit.
  • There must also be 4 adult members willing to fill the following positions:
    • The main positions are called the Key 3: Chartered Organization Representative, Crew Advisor, and Committee Chair.
    • All adults, as well as youth over 18, must complete Youth Protection Training. Adult advisors must complete Leader Specific Training. Additional adult support can be added later.


Step 2- Chartered Organizations

Find an organization to sponsor you as your Chartered Organization. This is often a church, local business, Kiwanis, or other group.


Step 3- Council Contact

Contact your District Executive (DE) at your council office, who will be your BSA contact.


Step 4- Lead the Adventure!

Once the paperwork is processed and training is complete, your adventure can begin!


For additional information and support on organizing a new Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship, go to or check out this article written by a council VOA!