Award Focus: Joining

The first step in any journey is the courage to begin. Right from the beginning of your Venturing experience, you will learn about Venturing, what the crew does, what to expect from your experiences with the crew, and making a commitment to the principles of Venturing. The first level of recognition marks your commitment to join and move forward into the adventure of Venturing.



  1. Participate in a crew activity outside of a crew meeting.
  2. Participate in an interview conducted by your crew president and your advisor. Possible questions you might ask about your crew may include:
    • How often does the crew meet?
    • What kinds of things does the crew do?
    • What is the biggest adventure the crew has taken in recent years?
    • How much does it cost to participate?
    • What sort of fundraising does the crew do?
    • Who are the other members of the crew that I might know?
    • What is Venturing's connection with Scouting?
    • How do I fit Venturing into a busy life?
    • What makes this crew different from others in the area?
    • What keeps other crew members coming back?
  3. Complete Personal Safety Awareness Training.
  4. State intention to join the crew during a crew induction ceremony (Example).


You may purchase the hard-copy Venturing handbook from or the digital version from





Venturing Award

VenturingFest 2018

As you may know, VenturingFest 2018 will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 1st-6th, 2018 to celebrate Venturing’s 20th birthday! Join us for quick access to the latest activities at the Summit, social events with Venturers from across the nation, an incredible birthday celebration, and the opportunity of a lifetime!